Oettinger Super Forte - 500 ml

Oettinger Super Forte is a dark lager beer and the strongest beer among all Oettinger beer products. It has a rich amber color and a full-bodied sweet and malty taste. Oettinger Super Forte has an original gravity of about 18.3° and an alcohol content of approximately 8.9%.


Oettinger Super Forte is available in 500 ml cans.





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Brand: Oettinger
Type: Lager (Super Strong)
Origin: Oettinger Brauerei
Fermentation type: Bottom-fermented
Alcohol content: 8.9 vol%
Original gravity: 18.3 degree Plato
Calorific value: 281 kJ / 66 kcal (per 100 ml)
Bitter units: 15
Colour: Rich amber